StoryCare helps eco-friendly brands develop long-form informational resources to engage, excite and educate their audience through our carbon-neutral writing service.


StoryCare helps eco-friendly brands develop long-form informational resources to engage, excite and educate their audience through our carbon-neutral writing service.

How we work:


A mix of medium and long-form blog content that positions your brand in the way you want.


Your brand’s authority, give value, attract and multiply the attention of your ideal customers.


Your commitment to nature hassle-free as we offset 300% of your content’s emissions.

Our Content Proficiencies:


Our sword is the pen, and our words are folded a 1000 times.

Online Research

Give your content a competitive advantage through our academic grade research. One man’s magic is another man’s engineering.


Search Engine Optimization

Enjoy content built to climb to Google’s first page based on keyword research and On-Page optimization.

Custom Article Design

Make your blog content recognizable and memorable through branded pages, images, infographics, and text formatting.

Blog Information Architecture

Organize and label your blog efficiently to make navigation a seamless experience for both readers and engines.

Content at Scale

Streamline content production and achieve long-term economies of scale without compromising quality.

StoryCare Content Writing Agency Team

About us:

StoryCare is Bulgaria’s first sustainable content creation agency, and we aim to finish 2022 completely carbon neutral. 

We boast a tight-knit team of several creators, proficient in research, SEO, copywriting, graphic design, and web development.  

The company is the brainchild of Lacho, the CEO & Founder, whose core belief is that StoryCare must help you serve other people.

People who
trusted us:

“I think I was one of Lacho’s first big clients online, over five years ago. He’s curious, creative, and honest. He would be a great addition to any content writing project.”
“We outsourced our SEO needs to StoryCare and they helped us reach Google’s first page for the first time. They tailored a content strategy specifically for us and were very good communicators. Will work with them again!”
“I’ve been working with StoryCare for over a year. They really helped me scale and streamline writing articles for my businesses from the occasional one to writing over 25 articles per month. I’m happy with their attention to detail, SEO research, and curiosity for more technical topics.
“The StoryCare team helped me digitalize my business from scratch. They helped me plan and create my website and blog. I’m very happy with their individual problem-solving approach to my business needs. Big up!”

Our Content Writing Packages:

The 7-day ‘Solid Sapling’
starter pack for curious bloggers.

1615 100 trees planted
  • 8500 words (19c per word)
  • 17 custom visuals
  • Basic Keyword Research
  • Basic Competitor Research
  • Direct Communication Channel
  • Real-time content writing tracker
  • Three live 30-minute feedback sessions

The 30-day ‘Mighty Oak’
growth bundle for committed blogs.

5780 500 trees planted
  • 34000 words (17c per word)
  • 68 custom visuals
  • Internal Link Map
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Advanced Competitor Research
  • Direct Team Communication Channel
  • Up to 12 live feedback sessions
  • Basic Content Audit of your blog

The 90-day ‘Deep Forest’
prosperity program for ambitious blogs.

25500 2500 trees planted
  • 170000 words (15 cents per word)
  • 340 custom visuals
  • Advanced Linking Map
  • Unlimited Feedback Sessions
  • Premium Keyword Research
  • Premium Competitor Research
  • Complete Content Audit of your Blog
  • Top Competitors Content Audit
  • Design articles directly in your content management system (CMS)

WE Guarantee

Ninth-Grader Friendly Writing

Get your message across as straight as an arrow’s flight. No technical jargon or obfuscated words. We use simple language every time. 

Punctual as a Swiss Clock
We will donate the total price of every article we do not deliver within the project’s time frame to the charity Plant for the Planet. 
Results Certain as Death and Taxes

If you work with us for 90 days and your blog does not improve its Google rankings, we will continue working with you for FREE for an extra 30 days.


01.Solid Sapling Features

Track the status of multiple articles at different production stages, leave direct feedback, and organize information with ease

See the volume, difficulty, and seasonal trend of your top keywords, and build your content around them.

Receive a list of your top 5 organic competitors and their organic traffic.

02.Mighty Oak Features

Receive a concept map that outlines how your content will be structured and interconnected.


Receive a report on your best and worst-performing content with actionable tips on improving existing content.

Learn extra keyword insights straight from Google’s SERP page about each word. How relevant is this keyword? What is the type of currently ranking content? What is the search intent? ​

See a list of your top 10 competitor’s best-performing pages, their organic traffic, the keywords they rank for, and the number of backlinks each one has.

+Solid Sapling

03.Deep Forest Program

Receive an advanced concept map that combines linking Skyscraper Content, Cornerstone Content, and Content Clusters.​

Receive a report on your content assets that features their performance, on-page SEO elements, internal linking opportunities, analysis of headlines of key content, tone of voice, and level of complexity.

Learn insights about your competitor’s formatting, tone of voice, language complexity, information architecture, what content they create, and how they promote it organically.

Receive complete Keyword Metrics, SERP insights, and ranking positions of your competitors as well as your existing content for specific keywords. ​

Completely reverse engineer your competitor’s organic content strategy and their backlinking profile. ​

Kick back and let us fully manage the creation process of a single article from an idea, through a draft, and ultimately as a blog post on your website. You don’t need to do a single thing.

+Solid Sapling

+Mighty Oak

Have more

That’s completely normal, and we are happy to answer them! Also, be sure to visit the FAQ section below!

We’d like you to make an informed choice to work with us, and the fastest way to do that is to meet online!

Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email at wecare@storycare.io or shoot us a text on messenger. Let us know who you are, what you’re doing, and how we can help out with that, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked

You call the shots. We advise you on best practices and help you select the right combination for your goals. Do you need a cluster of 5 articles or a single ‘skyscraper’ article? It’s up to you.

Everything that will not get you in trouble and help you make an impact – stock-free vectors, icons, images, formatted screenshots, proprietary infographics, and more. However, we do not include photography services.

Absolutely. Reach out to us with your problem and budget, and we will tailor the right package for you within 24 hours.

Comprehensive Keyword Research, Content Audits, application of On-Page SEO elements, and advising on the blog architecture. We don’t do outreach or technical SEO.

Collecting publicly available data and creating a dataset to code our variables and test correlations between them once a sufficient sample size has been reached. In simple words, we reverse engineer successful brands.

We have a public profile in Plant for the Planet that shows the number of trees we have helped them plant. Moreover, they give us an invoice for every donation, which we can share on demand.

We deliver each piece of work through Google Drive. This includes Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Documents. Your documents will be ready to be copy-pasted straight into your website.

If you have a specific vision of what an article should entail, we will work with you 1 on 1 to gather and apply your expert insights. 

However, this will require a serious time commitment on your side, especially if we are working with a large number of articles. You will have the final say on the articles, but you will also be responsible for providing us with timely feedback.

The best way to avoid logistical bottlenecks on each side is to identify the most technical topics beforehand and try to spread them out in time to keep work running smoothly.

StoryCare has a small team of killer writers and experienced editors based all over Europe.

All of our content passes through two rounds of edits. One internal and one from you. We guarantee the delivery of internally edited drafts within the time frame. However, the final versions will depend on your availability to give us timely feedback. It all depends on how involved you want to be in the process.